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New Metal Album Wave Attack

Wave Attack is a guitar solo Instrumental metal album with electronic and orchestral sounds with dramatic tension builds, for trailers, theme songs, video games, and background music. This album Wave Attack has a Sci Fi twists to it Space or Horror. All tracks on the album Wave Attack come with multiple alt mixes, and stems. Be the first to own the exclusive album by the International Publish Award Winner with IMDb credits Weston Simonis called Wave Attack. Click the picture to hear this amazing retro sci fi symphonic metal album Wave Attack.


Moods Tension, Dramatic, Fast, Tension Builds, Edgy, Driven, head-banging, shredding, Space,

Simular to: Joe Satriani, Steve Van, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Metallica, John Williams

Keywords: Metal, Rock, Progressive, Electronic Rock, Solo Guitar, Sci Fi Metal Music, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Electronic Metal, Heavy Metal Songs, Heavy Metal Album, Thrash Metal, Best Metal Music, Heavy Metal Artist, Rock Music, Power Metal, Science Fiction Music, Epic Space Music, Sci Fi Music Instrumental, Dark Sci Fi Music Instrument, Retro Sci Fi Music, Countdown To Self Destruction, Star Wars Themes

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