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Tell Your Story with Fables

The album Fables by A. H. Clark provides 9 tracks of music to enhance your video projects. Within Fables you will find dramatic and atmospheric elements that create an expressive and supportive role for your image. Pick up this album to tell your story with the myth and beauty of Fables.

Sacred Dreams opens with a light and delicate landscape supported by flowing piano lines. The track rounds out with the sounds of birds singing in the distance. Atmospheric and expressive, this track will support the most delicate moments in your images.

Crystal EcoSphere creates a groovy feel to any image that needs some light swagger and confidence. This track uses drums, piano, bass and design elements to create a laid-back and flowing feel. The track elements also includes innovative uses of the soulful didgeridoo. An excellent button end will help your editing partners goals of matching image to sound.

Deep Air presents a flowing track of synth ambient and slow Neo-jazz piano. Perfect for a scene of wonderment and exploration. This track is expressive with moments of thoughtful and panoramic sound design. Reflective and pensive, Deep Air will support images of flight and dream like messages. The track length will allow multiple mark points for editing purposes.

Empty City opens with a lonely vocalist line that slowly blossoms and evolves into floating synths and sound elements. This track evokes a feeling of fantasy and is hypnotic in its build. The rhythmic guitars and supporting synth lines allows for multiple image edits for trailer projects or multi-cut scene needs.

Falling Through introduces organic vocals into the album project. A new and innovative approach for A. H. Clark. Stepping from pure instrumentals this track features the known elements of image support with female vocals. This track opens with drama and intensity that creates a feel of longing and nostalgia. The rhythmic section allows for image cuts to support any project. Non-vocal mixes are available.

Lull-a-Bye is a simple and elegant homage to a children's lullaby song. This track evokes a sense of beauty and rest. This track could also work well with a bittersweet scene of lost love or unrequited love. Shimmering and magical, this track is ready for your sleeping beauties.

Open Planet blends synths and organic electric guitars creating a playful rhythm and mid tempo drive to your project. This track is rich with design elements and offers exotic and groovy feelings. Perfect for that scene of travel and movement. This track also provides several mark points for smooth editing.

Reimagine offers another track with organic female vocals. Opening with soft airy synths and flowing vocals this track has a contemporary feel. Acoustic guitars and laid-back drums create a hopeful and spacious element for your image.

Sleep Sphere opens with synths and soaring strings accompanied by a choral element. The track then evolves into a groove of soft rhythmic elements. This track is introspective and flowing. A great track for credit sequences after a heartwarming scene between your main characters.

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