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The Dark Side Of the Moon A Sci Fi Metal Instrumental

The Dark Side Of the Moon is an instrumental Sci Fi metal track from the album Wave Attack by Weston Simonis that uses progressive and electronic rock elements. This track evolves and builds to be heavy and fast progressive. The Dark Side Of the Moon has a dark Sci Fi feel to the song giving the listener that haunting feeling that something intense or dramatic is about to happen.

The Dark Side of The Moon hits hard and fast when the top of the intros crescendo, giving you elements of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Michael Romeo, Herman Li and John Petrucci. This sci fi metal instrumental also has a horror sound to it with all of its alternate mixes it has. Get ready to have chills as Weston Simonis takes you on this dark journey with The Dark Side of The Moon.

Click the picture to hear The Dark Side Of the Moon


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Moods: Tension, Dramatic, Fast, Tension Builds, Edgy, Driven, head-banging, shredding, Dark, Journey, Dark Journey, Angry

Style - similar too: Dragonforce, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Micheal Romeo, Herman Li, John Petrucci

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