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Wave Attack By Weston Simonis Makes Music Dealers Catalog For Licensing

Wave Attack is a guitar solo Instrumental metal album with electronic and orchestral sounds with dramatic tension builds, for trailers, theme songs, video games, and background music. This album Wave Attack has a Sci Fi twists to it Space or Horror. All tracks on the album Wave Attack come with multiple alt mixes, and stems. Be the first to own the exclusive album by the International Publish Award Winner with IMDb credited artist Weston Simonis with his new album called Wave Attack.

New updates on the album Wave Attack you can now buy the licenses for personal or professional use with Music Dealers as it has made their catalog. You can also review the album at Audio Star Productions Weston Simonis's personal library and label.

The album Wave Attack has 10 metal songs on it that sound like you are in some kind of sci fi world of space and horror.

The 10 Tracks on the album Wave Attack are:

The Mothership is an Sci Fi orchestral metal instrumental track that gives you that retro sci fi space Star Wars like dramatic building intro. This song has elements of John Williams style of writing to it but giving it that progressive feel that you would hear in a song that Michael Romeo would write with Symphony X. The ending section of The Mothership sounds like you are in the middle of an epic space battle of some film or video game. The progressive guitar playing at the end gives it that awesome metal twist like you are listening to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Metallica, mixed with a John Williams Star Wars build up. You can hear the lazer guns shooting around why the metal riff and solo guitar is complemented with orchestral elements. Weston Simonis takes you on for a ride as this song The Mothership starts out with a gung.

The Deep Bottom is an instrumental metal track that uses progressive and electronic rock elements. This track builds and drops with a sci fi metal feel. The alternate mixes give it a brand new feel. The Sci Fi feel keeps it dark interesting to the listener and creates an anticipation for next lead or riff Weston Simonis is going to play.

The Deep Bottom present elements of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Yngwie Malmsteen that blends electronic rock to its progressive feel. This sci fi music instrumental also brings back some retro sci fi music sounds from older space movies, yet it creates a newer feel with the electronic sounds. Countdown to self destruction with The Deep Bottom a metal song that has a Star Wars Theme like twist.

Lost In Space starts out with a heartbeat, percussion sounds and synthesisers but quickly explodes into a heavy epic progressive metal riff that has multiple cues and changes throughout the song. Influncinual sounds of Rusty Cooley, Metallica, John Petrucci, and Herman Li as the song takes you on a journey. They synthesisers keyboard parts ride right along with the awesome guitar riffs and solo guitar giving it that blast in space feel to the song. The rhythm section of Lost In Space drives hard and fast giving you that head banging feeling that keeps you wanting to listen for more.

Wave Attack a metal song driven with solo guitar and a Sci Fi sound that feels like R2D2 is rocking out with you in the track. The sound takes you on a journey with metal guitars, a dance beat and Synthesizers. The song Wave Attack brings you elements of Joe Satriani, Rusty Cooley, meets the progressive metal band Dream Theater. This driven song Wave Attack is great for action, trailers, video games and any Sci Fi space related film.

Time Drop is one of the two songs on the album Wave Attack that is just straight up metal. Time Drop has fast guitars and progressive riffs. The sound is definitely good for action with a tension feel to it. Time Drop has elements of the metal band Into Eternity but also brings you the kind of heavy bluesy metal like Metallica.

Escaping From The Black Hole as synthesizers and effects race in your ears the song quickly takes off like you are in some kind of trouble escape from something like the black hole that is about to suck you in. Escaping From The Black Hole is an instrumental Sci Fi metal track that uses Synthesizers, Guitar, Drums and Bass to give you that escaping feeling.

Escaping From The Black Hole has elements or Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dragonforce, Metallica as it hits you with heavy and fast riffs. This song by Weston Simonis has a checky sound to it like it belongs in an action space film or video game that is also on that same kind of lines.

Nova Blast is a second metal song on this album Wave Attack that doesn't have synthesizers or orchestral elements in the song and just drives hard and heavy with the guitar, drums and bass. The song Nova Blast hits with anger, aggressive like it riffs that sound like it should be in some kind of action, film with all kind of dangerous stunts. This song could also be used for sports like dirt bike riding, skateboarding, snowboarding and any aggressive like sport.

Nova Blast has elements of Lamb of God, Shadows Fall giving you that thrash metal sound. Bang your head with this heavy hitting metal song by Weston Simonis on the album Wave Attack.

Terminal Velocity speaks for itself with the fast riffs that race in your ears like something angry or dangerous is happening. Terminal Velocity is a Sci Fi metal track that uses the following instruments, guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers.

Terminal Velocity has sounds of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Rusty Cooley, Dream Theater. The metal track sounds like it would fit well in an action like film with racing themes or a sci fi film that is taking off in warp speed. This song by Weston Simonis Terminal Velocity has fast riffs that could get you banging your head fast and hard. At times in the song it feels like the synthesizer are playing techno.

The Dark Side Of the Moon is an instrumental Sci Fi metal track from the album Wave Attack by Weston Simonis that uses progressive and electronic rock elements. This track evolves and builds to be heavy and fast progressive. The Dark Side Of the Moon has a dark Sci Fi feel to the song giving the listener that haunting feeling that something intense or dramatic is about to happen.

The Dark Side of The Moon hits hard and fast when the top of the intros crescendo, giving you elements of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Michael Romeo, Herman Li and John Petrucci. This sci fi metal instrumental also has a horror sound to it with all of its alternate mixes it has. Get ready to have chills as Weston Simonis takes you on this dark journey with The Dark Side of The Moon.

The Red Planet is a song of ambient that builds to a rolling ending. The song The Red Planet feels creepy horror like. With guitars, drums, bass, synthesizers, orchestral and ambient sound fx that make you feel like something creepy is about to happen. Has a classical feeling to its drive as it builds up to sound like you are in some kind of animated film. Weston Simonis really changes it up with The Red Planet.

To licenses this album Wave Attack for your uses or any song on this album you can find it at along with many other songs written by Weston Simonis

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