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About Audio Star Productions 

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Audio Star Productions a music collection of all genres. We work hard to develop professional music for the Film, TV and Video Game World.  Welcome and we hope you enjoy the collection of music we have.  By signing up for a membership you will have exclusive accesses to buy the right to use our music and other services.  Don't wait, get the music you need now for your projects, business and personal uses today here at Audio Star Productions. 

In The Making

The Zone of Twilight

Audio Star Productions now is working to help create the indie web series The Zone of Twilight which is filmed in Bulgaria. We will keep you updated when the first episode releases. 

Custom Cues

If you don't hear anything that is going to fit your project in our library we also do custom gigs.  Contact us direct to order a custom gig. Members Only! 

How To Navigate Our Website 

Setting The Emotions

Great films come with great sound effects and music.  The music can set the emotions of your film to feel sad, joyful, angry etc.  Music plays a big part in the film industry because music and sound is what makes film awesome.  

Music Sampler

Credits , Licenses & Placements
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